Our Walking Tours:



Chinatown, NYC

Wander through the narrow winding roads and alleys of this bustling historic neighborhood while you learn how a little piece of the East emerged in the heart of the West.

Little Italy, NYC

Explore the iconic streets of this historic Italian neighborhood and find the gems still hidden there, behind all those tourist traps.

The Brooklyn Bridge

There’s a story behind this bridge. A tale of scandal, devotion, family legacy, and good old-fashioned good vs. evil. We’ll tell you all about it as you walk across this icon.



Every City Has a Story.

In New York City, every neighborhood has a different one.

But you can’t get that story by walking around and looking at random stuff. That’s where we come in. We’ll put it all together for you and bring the city alive - like you’ve never seen it before!


Sidewalk Sherpas is a project created by a couple of locals with a passion for their city, and a genuine interest in sharing just how cool it is with other people.

We’re not historians. We’re not tour guides. We’re just a couple of people who loved our city and wanted to create the non-boring tour we wanted but could never find.

Sidewalk Sherpas is a walking tour app that’s free to download and each neighborhood is available for individual purchase. With this app, you’ll explore New York City neighborhoods with us as we tell you the story of the background of the neighborhood and then point out all the things we know you’re gonna want to see.

Alongside our audio narration, you’ll have a GPS-linked map to help guide you around, and tons of photos to look at for each stop.

So grab your headphones and head out for an awesome day in New York City. Don't worry, we'll tell you how to get to the first stop.

This is the walking tour, reinvented. This is the walking tour made awesome.

NYC Sightseeing

*Our tours were designed as solo experiences. You’ll be wearing headphones and you might want to skip something that doesn’t interest you. Unless you’re comfortable standing super close (and are extremely patient), we recommend getting the tour separately on each of your devices if you plan on doing the tour with multiple people.



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