Sidewalk Sherpas NYC Walking Tour App
New York City Walking Tour
Walking Tour of NYC
Walking Tour of New York City
Walking Tour Application NYC
Walking Tour App NYC

Main Menu

Download the app for free. Check out what neighborhoods are available. Purchase only the tours you’re interested in.


Purchase Screen

Before you purchase any tour you’ll be able to:

  • See how many stops are on the tour

  • Know approximately how long the tour will take

  • Listen to a few samples of what the audio sounds like

  • See a few photos from the tour.


Initial Directions Screen

Before you leave your house, we’ll provide you with instructions from every possible subway stop, and even tell you which ones are the best to take. Prefer a cab? We’ll give you the address and tell you what to tell your driver to look for.

Offline Mode - Have bad cell reception or a low data plan? Download the tour before you leave your wifi spot and remove all the files from your device once you’re done with the tour.


Directions Screen

Not good with directions? Neither are we. We’ve got you covered.

  • A GPS-linked map will show you where you are, and where you need to go.

  • Step-by-step written out directions tell you (in detail) where to go. We’ll even tell you the best place to stand.

  • A distance tagline will tell you exactly how many feet you are away from your destination, so you know when you’re getting close.

  • You’ll have a photograph of what you should be looking for, so you know when you’ve arrived.

Tour Screen

At each stop, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy:

  • A series of pictures to look through. Anything from what the building looked like back in the day, the mugshot of who we’re telling you about, or just images from everyday life on the street you’re standing on.

  • Choose between listening to an audio version of the tour, or reading a text version at each stop. Switch back and forth if you want.

  • Take a picture at any time with your device. Your photos are saved directly to your phone, outside of the app.

Menu Screen

After each stop you’ll be brought back to the main menu. Here you’ll be able to see what the next stop is, how long it will take, and how many more are left on the tour.

If you want to skip a few stops, you can even do that.

NYC Walking Tour App
New York City Walking Tour App

Zoom Screen

Want to see an image in more detail? Simply click on the photo and have a closer look. Use your fingers to zoom in even closer if you want.


Text Tour Screen

Prefer to read the tour rather than listen to it? Simply click on the book icon on the bottom of the tour screen to access it at any time.

Read the whole thing or skip around to parts that are most interesting to you.


Pretty easy, huh? Download the app, grab your headphones, and head out for an adventure. We’re pretty sure you’re gonna have a good time and also learn something new about your neighborhood. What’s better than that?



Download the app for free.

buy only the neighborhoods you want

Coming soon!

Coming soon!


*Our tours were designed as solo experiences. You’ll be wearing headphones and you might want to skip something that doesn’t interest you. Unless you’re comfortable standing super close (and are extremely patient), we recommend getting the tour separately on each of your devices if you plan on doing the tour with multiple people.