The Brooklyn Bridge

oh the drama…

Chances are you’ve walked the Brooklyn Bridge dozens of times already. But trust us, it’s worth walking it again to listen to the story behind how it was built. We’re not talking about facts here (although we’ll give you those too). We’re talking about the actual story.

Because it’s an AWESOME story!

Most people don’t realize that the building of the bridge is a tale of scandal, devotion, family legacy, and good old-fashioned good vs. evil. It’s seriously the stuff movies are made of.

So grab your headphones and join us for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. We’ll tell you a story that will bring you back to NYC circa the late 1800’s. We’ll point out the legendary features of the bridge and tell you the reason they were designed that way, talk about the deaths that occurred during its building, and run through some strange but interesting things that have happened since it’s completion.

Learn a little about one of the most iconic bridges in the world & have fun stuff to tell your friends the next time they’re in town.



Tour Details:

Brooklyn Bridge New York City Walking Tour

how long will it take?

You’re in charge, so it can go as fast or as slow as you want. But here’s how long we think it might take you:

• Estimated tour time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
• Actual audio running time: 55 minutes

how many stops are there?

There are 8 stops on the Brooklyn Bridge walk, including:

  • Who is John Roebling?

  • The First Tower

  • The Cables of the Brooklyn Bridge

  • Famous Firsts for the Bridge

  • and 4 more.

how far is the walk?

The bridge is 1 mile long. Wear your comfy shoes. Trust us.

when is the best time to go?

It’s gonna get crowded up there - like annoying tourist crowded. Go as early as you can to avoid the tourist traffic. Also consider doing the tour as an evening walk for an epic night view of the Manhattan skyline.

how many people can go?

Our tours were designed as solo experiences. You’ll be wearing headphones and may want to skip stuff that doesn’t interest you. If you’re planning on going with friends, we highly recommend you each get the tour separately on each of your devices.

* We’ll provide directions to the pedestrian walkway on the Manhattan-side and tell you where the exit staircase is on the Brooklyn-side. Afterwards, we’ll let you know which subway lines are nearby so you can get back home.



How To Get to the Brooklyn Bridge Walkway:

From Manhattan:

Entrance is at Park Row and Centre Street, across from City Hall Park. Once you get in the general area, it’s pretty easy to figure out where to go. Head towards the bridge and follow the crowd. (Our tour starts from this side)

From Brooklyn:

It’s a little tricker from Brooklyn. Best entrance is Cadman Plaza East at the intersection of Prospect & Washington Streets. The staircase is directly on under the bridge.



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