Little Italy, NYC

yes, it’s still there…

Just a few blocks of one street, Little Italy appears to be surprisingly small at first glimpse. But just because the neighborhood has changed doesn’t mean the history has disappeared.

Little Italy was much bigger back in it’s heyday and traces of that past life still remain today. There are dozens of hidden gems located throughout the surrounding streets, you just have to know what you’re looking for. That’s where we come in.

Find out how Five Points grew into Little Italy and then later shrank into what it is today. Learn which restaurants are iconic and which ones mob bosses ate at. Check out the building Martin Scorsese grew up in, we’ll even point you to the window of his actual apartment. Learn where famous mob hits happened and where legendary movies like The Godfather were filmed. We’ll cover it all!

Join us on our tour as we guide you along the streets of Little Italy. We’ll point out those hidden little pieces of history while telling you the fascinating story behind this iconic neighborhood. We've also included some photos from the Library of Congress so you can see authentic pictures of the neighborhood from back in the day


Little Italy New York City Walking Tour

Tour Details:

how long will it take?

You’re in charge of your tour, so it can run as fast or as slow as you’d like. But here’s how long we think it will take you:

  • Estimated Tour Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

  • Actual Audio Running Time: 38 minutes

how many stops are there?

There are 17 stops on the Little Italy tour, including:

  • Mulberry Street Bar

  • Ravenite Social Club

  • Fire Station No. 55

  • Lombardi’s Pizzeria

  • Umberto’s Clam House

  • Fourteenth Ward School

  • Martin Scorsese’s childhood house

  • Church of the Most Precious Blood

  • Former Police Headquarters Building

  • Vincent’s Clam Bar

  • DiPalo’s Cheese Shop & Ferrara Cafe

  • Stephen Van Rensselaer’s house

  • Mulberry Street & the Mafia

  • Oneals Grand Street

  • Petrosino Square

  • Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral

when is the best time to go?

Italian food. Enough said. Try and time your tour around lunch or dinner if at all possible. If you prefer to dodge the tourists and crowds, do the opposite.

how many people can go?

Our tours were designed as solo experiences. You’ll be wearing headphones and may want to skip stuff that doesn’t interest you. If you’re planning on going with friends, we highly recommend you each get the tour separately on each of your devices.



How to Get to Little Italy:

Our tour starts at the Church of the Most Precious Blood. There are a couple of ways to get there depending on where you are in the city. Before the tour begins, our app will tell you the stop for each of the subway lines and how to get there from the exit.

Here are the stops we recommend:

  • J,Z Line - Canal Street stop

  • Q Line - Canal Street stop

  • 6 Line - Canal Street Stop

  • F Line - East Broadway Stop (longer walk, take a different line if possible)

  • A,C,E Line - Canal Street Stop (longer walk, take a different line if possible)



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