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About Us:

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The voice you hear on all the tours belongs to Melissa. She has lived & travelled all over the world and is a huge nerd about learning absolutely everything about all the places she goes.

She did the research and writing for all the tours.

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Darryl was a NYC Creative Director, a vagabond, and a beautiful human. Even though he travelled and lived all over the world, NYC was his most favorite city on the planet. His passion and love for NYC was the inspiration behind Sidewalk Sherpas.

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Mr. Brown

If you like our tours, you mostly have Mr. Brown to thank. Hours and hours of walking him around the city led us to explore, wonder, and learn….eventually leading us to create these tours.

Mr. Brown has personally inspected (and peed on) every single corner of every single tour.

We wrote all the tours during the four years we lived in Dumbo, Brooklyn. When Darryl passed away in 2018, Melissa brought Sidewalk Sherpas back to life in memory of Darryl and their most special time together in NYC.