Chinatown new York City Walking Tour

Tour Details:

how long will it take?

You’re in charge, so it can run as fast or as slow as you’d like. But here’s how long we think it will take you:

• Estimated tour time: 60 minutes
• Actual audio running time: 38 minutes

how many stops are there?

There are 12 stops on the Chinatown tour, including:

• Chatham Square
• Church of Transfiguration
• Doyers Street – “The Bloody Angle”
• Mahayana Buddhist Temple
• Columbus Park
• And 7 more

when is the best time to go?

Chinatown has some amazing restaurants you should experience while you’re here. Try and time your tour around lunch or dinner if possible. But just like anywhere in the city, if you prefer to avoid tourists, go as early as possible.



What the Tour Looks & Sounds Like:


Chinatown has always been exotically mysterious to outsiders…

But while most people are immediately fascinated, it can be just outside many people’s comfort zone enough to keep them from really exploring the place. With its narrow zigzagging streets, brisk crowds, and impatient scurrying locals - it can be overwhelming for most people.

But hidden within these streets is a glimpse into another culture and what remains of the story of how a little piece of the East emerged in the heart of the West. It’s a story that involves a seedy criminal underworld, legalized discrimination, collaboration for survival, and the struggle to maintain one culture while deeply embedded within another.

On this tour, you’ll walk through the streets of Chinatown with us as we tell you that story, point out the spots you want to see, and talk about the interesting pop culture stuff you want to know. We've also included some photos from the Library of Congress so you can see authentic pictures of the place from back in the day.



How to Get to Chinatown:

Our tour starts at Chatham Square (Kimlau Square). There are a couple of ways to get there depending on where you are in the city, so the app will tell you the stop for each of the subway lines and how to get there from the exit.

Here are the stops we recommend:

  • F Line - East Broadway stop

  • J,Z Line - Chambers stop

  • 4,5,6 Line - Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall stop



*Our tours were designed as solo experiences. You’ll be wearing headphones and you might want to skip something that doesn’t interest you. Unless you’re comfortable standing super close (and are extremely patient), we recommend getting the tour separately on each of your devices if you plan on doing the tour with multiple people.



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