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How do I buy a tour?

Simply click any “Download on the App Store” logo. It will take you to iTunes where you can purchase the tour through your Apple account.

What kind of stuff do you talk about on the tours?

We cover a little bit of everything. The best of a bunch of different topics so it doesn’t get boring.

At the beginning each tour we give you a brief summary of the place so you get the gist of how it got here. Then as you walk the streets, we continue on with the story as we tie in points of interest you’ll want to see. And we don’t just point them out, we summarize what you’d want to know about each one.

So what points of interests do we include? Well, we’re not going to take you to Midtown and not point out the Empire State Building, of course. Sure, we tell you about the landmarks everyone’s heard of. But that’s the obvious stuff. We’re also going to point out cool historical locations, interesting architecture, movie locations, famous street art, and places that just have cool stories. Basically, we pick out the best stuff you’d want to know about a lot of different topics. And we put it together in a story format so it makes sense.

At the end of the tour you’ll feel like you get the place.

What if I’m not so good at directions?

There’s a map. It’s GPS linked. On top of that,we also give you step-by-step directions to get to the next stop. So you have the option of getting directions visually through the map or written out via step-by-step instructions. We even give you a picture of what you should be looking for and tell you how many feet away you are. We’ve covered everything!

Why should I pay for this tour when there are free or cheaper ones on iTunes?

There are. And we’ve taken them. In fact, that’s what motivated us to create our app.

The free ones point out basic obvious stuff you already know (Oh really, this is the Brooklyn Bridge? Thank you, that was worth listening to all of your paid sponsorship’s to hear.) The cheap ones? Only slightly more info and totally boring. There’s not one that we actually finished all the way though.

Our tour isn’t like these apps at all. That’s why we don’t cost the same. Our tour is like the expensive walking tour you take with a guide and a bunch of other tourists shuffling through the streets, pointing and staring at the same thing at once. But let’s be honest, that experience isn’t for everyone.

Our idea – the best of both worlds. We give you the juicy stuff the tour guide would tell you (and leave out the boring junk) and do it through the convenience and flexibility of an app.

Will you tell me cool places to eat or bars to go?

What’s hot this week probably wont be next week. That’s NYC. So, we’ll point out restaurants or bars that have meaning to the neighborhood, but not necessarily trendy joints. Check out our Things to do in NYC tab for links to our favorite local blogs that can tell you what’s hot at the moment.

 Why am I still asking questions?

We were wondering the same thing. Go buy the app already. It’s less than $5 bucks. You’re gonna love it.

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