Sidewalk Sherpa tours are guided through an app, which can be quickly Screenshot - Originaland easily downloaded onto your iPhone or iPad.

 The application includes:

  • A GPS-enabled map along with written out step-by-step directions on how to get to each stop.
  • Both an audio and text tour (you decide how you experience the tour)
  • Reference photos of what you should be looking for
  • Cool historical photos of the area from back in the day
  • Insight, information and fun that you could only get from a local


How It Works

Walk around and experience your tour through headphones, or read it at your own pace. We’ll provide photos that give you a visual reference of what to look for, and provide an interactive, guided map. Since you’re getting a tour via a phone or iPad, you just look like any other local walking the street…staring at their device. We’ll tell you where to stop, stand, walk, and keep you out of the way so that you’ll look less like a tourist, and more like a neighbor. We’ll give you the inside tips, tricks and stories of how to experience the neighborhood like a NYC veteran.

Traveling with a small group?..You can toggle Sidewalk Sherpas tours to play via text or audio guides. Switch to text, and you’re instantly transformed into a tour guide for your friends and family. Or get the app for everyone in your group, and you’ll all have the identical experience at your fingertips.

You control the Sidewalk Sherpas walking tour. Missed something, or want to skip something? Pause, rewind or jump ahead at your own pace. It’s your tour, so you determine  you do, what you don’t, and how long you spend at each stop along the way.

At the end of your tour don’t forget to give us a good review on iTunes if you enjoyed it!