About Chinatown

Chinatown has always been exotically mysterious. And while we’ve been fascinated from the beginning, it’s always remained just Nom Wah Tea Parlor - Chinatown Touroutside of our comfort zone. With its narrow zigzagging streets, brisk crowds, and impatient scurrying locals it can be extremely overwhelming for most people

But hidden within these streets is a glimpse into another culture and what remains of the story of how a little piece of the East emerged in the heart of the West. It’s a story that involves a seedy criminal underworld, legalized discrimination, collaboration for survival, and the struggle to maintain one culture while deeply embedded within another.

On our Chinatown & Little Italy tour, you’ll walk through the streets of Chinatown with us as we tell you that story, point out the spots you want to see, and talk about the interesting pop culture you want to know.

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About Little Italy

At first glimpse, Little Italy appears to be surprisingly small, just a few blocks of one street. But just because the neighborhood Fire Station No. 55has changed, doesn’t mean the history has disappeared. There are hidden gems located throughout the surrounding streets; you just have to know what you’re looking for. After all, Little Italy was much bigger back in it’s heyday and traces of that still remain today.

Join us on our Chinatown & Little Italy tour as we guide you along the streets of Little Italy pointing out little pieces of hidden history while telling you the fascinating story behind this iconic neighborhood.

Find out how Five Points grew into Little Italy and then later shrank into what it is today. Learn which restaurants are iconic and which ones mob bosses ate at, what building Martin Scorsese grew up in, where famous mob hits happened, and where legendary movies like The Godfather were filmed.

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