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After your tour, we recommend sticking around and experiencing some of the culture first-hand. There are so many things to do in Brooklyn that we could never name them all. But here are a few of our personal favorite things to do in Brooklyn:


Find Other Cool Things to do in Brooklyn

New York City changes constantly. These sites have their fingers on the pulse of the city and can point you in the right direction based on your interests or introduce you to unique NYC experiences you never would have thought of:

Time Out New York
New York Times Event Guide
Zagat Restaurant Guide

Get excited about Brooklyn before you even arrive…

There’s nothing like a good book or classic movie to get you inspired about Brooklyn. It doesn’t have to be anything serious, or even all that authentic. We’ve put together a list of a few of our favorites to get you started.  We’ve also included links to some local blogs so you can get the latest information about the neighborhood and find out what bars, restaurants and shopping are hot at the moment. This isn’t meant to be list of serious literature that represents Brooklyn. It’s just fun!

Fiction BooksDo the right thing

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn – Betty Smith
Angela’s Ashes – Frank McCourt
Bk: A State of Mind – Michael W. Robbins & Wendy Palitaz


Scent of a Woman – (filmed in Dumbo)
The Forgotten – (filmed in Dumbo)
Do the Right Thing
The Squid and the Whale
Dog Day Afternoon
Saturday Night Fever
The Flamingo Kid
Radio Days
The Object of My Affection
Dead Presidents
Good Fellas
Annie Hall


Crossing Brooklyn Ferry – Walt Whitman
To Brooklyn Bridge – Hart Crane

Cool Local Blogs

Brooklyn Heights Blog
Scouting NY