The Brooklyn Bridge

Everyone has heard about the Brooklyn Bridge, but most people don’t know that the building of the bridge is a tale of scandal, devotion, family legacy, and good old-fashioned good vs. evil. It’s seriously the stuff movies are made of.

Brooklyn Bridge TourJoin us for a walk across the bridge where we’ll tell you a story that will bring you back to NYC circa the late 1800’s, point out the legendary features of the bridge and tell you the reason they were designed that way, talk about the deaths that occurred during its building, and run through some pretty interesting things that happened on it since it’s completion.

If you just walk across the bridge without knowing its story then it’s just another bridge. Don’t cheat yourself out of knowing a little bit about this American icon.




Known for it’s artists, hipsters, and creative nerds; DUMBO is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in New York City. But it’s actually got a pretty cool story behind it as well.

Washington and Water

On the cobblestone streets of this small industrial neighborhood is some pretty cool stuff: a bit of America’s history, one of the most filmed spots in NYC, Frank Sinatra’s favorite pizza joint, and hands-down the best view of the Manhattan skyline in all of New York.

We’ll summarize the story of Dumbo for you while you walk to the first stop. Then we’ll guide you through the streets and show you the hot spots of the neighborhood that gave birth to modern day Brooklyn.

This is our neighborhood. The absolute love for it is what sparked the idea for Sidewalk Sherpas. Join us as we walk you through our streets and make you fall in love with it too.

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